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About me

Animation and Illustration is supposed to be fun! When approaching both subjects, I try to depict concepts in a detailed and serious manner, while still maintaining playful elements. The most important goal for me as an animator and an illustrator is to push and develop my ability to create an exciting experience for the audience and my clients.

We've all had stories we've wanted to tell. We have all dreamt up ideas, characters and plotlines since before we can remember. I've carried this love of storytelling with me every day and want to share it with you!

As an aspiring animator and illustrator, I try to grow with each new project. I have a dream to one day create an animated feature that can be paused at any frame to be admired as a work of art.  Until then, I have a lot to learn and the drive to accept new challenges. 

I'm available for commissions, while seeking a studio that can push me to create a stronger body of work. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments regarding any work I've completed, or you would like me to complete for you.

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