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Updated 12/28/2020

Motion Graphic Animation for

Nevada State College

(All credit for music and song belongs to NSC, Jeff Rapp and Francisco Corredor)

Flour Sack Study

Consider how sacks of flour might behave differenlty if the only difference was their weight. How would they handle a chasm? How might they act toward each other?

What's in the Box?


During this exercise, the box changes focus in an experimental manner. be careful if you are sensitive to flickers.


Sampling from real-life can be fun and create superior realism in motion studies.

The Infamous Penguin

A study in following charts and X Sheets.

Basic Skills

The 51 Animation Exercises
(Updated frequently)

All Videos

All Videos

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These short exercises are generally used for practice within the animation community. They are deliberately being left in the rough stage, because the goal is to focus on motion and expression within the animation.


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